About Referite

Refer and earn, it’s that easy!

Simply put, Referite is a crowdsourced referral platform that allows you to refer family and friends directly to participating product and service providers. The cool part is that we formalise your referral so you earn a fee on all successful referrals. It’s a passive income earning opportunity for anyone!

As an added bonus we partner with a list of charity organisations and offer you the opportunity to contribute 5% of your referral fee to a charity of your choice. Referite guarantees to match every contribution made.

The solution is offered through a web portal and (soon to be) mobile application platform which provides you with instant access to refer, earn and impact lives anywhere, anytime. So do what you have been doing all along, just with a bit of flair and a happier bank account.

Referite …. The rite way to refer!

For Your Business

Referite is more than just a team of entrepreneurs, we are a collaborative community!

The improved effectiveness of word of mouth marketing offers your brand some of the following benefits:

  • Targeted consumer reach
  • Bottom of the funnel leads
  • Reduced acquisition cost
  • Measurable and guaranteed ROI

Partner with us today and let us help you reach your goals